Common Kitchen Herbs and Spices

Name? Used much? Used for?
Salt very salt is the most common flavor enhancer, and comes in many varieties to keep things interesting!
Black Pepper very pepper is one of the most common flavor balancers as well, used world wide to help make dishes great!
Garlic powder yes Italian and spicy food! gives a lot of zing to many dishes
Onion Powder yes a nice basic tang for dishes
Paprika yes ground peppers, used as a garnish as well as for adding subtle spice to a lot of dishes, usually adds color as well
Oregano yes a traditional seasoning for most ethnic foods
Thyme sometimes good in soups, and most Italian dishes, a nice savory seasoning
Parsley yes great as a garnish and to add a little green to most dishes
Basil yes tradition Italian herb, great with most pasta dishes
Rosemary sometimes fantastic with poultry
Sage not really seasoning commonly used in holiday cooking and with poultry
Marjoram not really great seasoning for savory dishes and dressings
Fennel rarely the little seeds in rye bread
Carawayrarelygreat seasoning for pickling, and for making corned beef!
Dillrarelyawesome for pickles and salads!
Chili Powdersometimesgreat for spicing things up, and of course chili!
Chili Pepper Flakessometimesadd a spicy touch to every dish
Cayennesometimesbrings the heat to just about everything
Cuminsometimesa great seasoning used a lot in spicy food, gives tacos and Tex Mex that signature flavor
Bay Leaves/Laurelnot reallyjust a little goes a long way! use sparingly..
Cilantro/CoriandersometimesFabulous in Tex Mex/Spanish cooking for that extra wow
White PeppersometimesGreat for sauces and seasonings with a lighter touch
Turmericsometimespowerful spice for health benefits, as well as being used in a lot of African and Middle Eastern Cooking
Celery seed/saltnot reallyused in a very few dishes as a seasoning to bring in a touch of celery flavor
Macerarelyits like a slightly different version of nutmeg, adds depth to stews, sauces, and baked goods
Gingeryestangy and spicy, a staple in Asian cooking
Allspicesometimesused mostly in baking around the winter holidays
Cinnamonyesa classic warm spicy seasoning, great in breakfast goods
Cardamomsometimesused in Middle Eastern, African cooking a lot
Nutmegyesused in a lot of savory cooking to bring a subtle nutty hint, awesome in cookies and desserts
Clovesyesbold spice used to bring out intense flavors
Star Anisesometimestastes like licorice!
Herbs & Spices
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