I tend to get a lot of the same questions asked many times over, so i will try to answer them all here. As i get more i will list them!

Q. What inspired you to start the site?

A: Because I really love food! I have a varied family back ground and many years of cooking experience. My mom, and her parents lived in Africa for a number of years while my grandfather served in the Marines. My grandmother comes from a German and Hungarian background. My somewhat stepdad was Italian. Most of my life, i was in a single parent family, with my mom doing her damndest, to raise two kids and work. So i started learning to cook dinners to help out, when i was 11 or 12, when my mom was working until 5 or 6. This way, when she got home, dinner would be ready and we could eat, instead of us kids waiting for her to make it. By the time I was 15 and 16, i was learning to make full out holiday dinners, such as a full thanksgiving, or easter dinner. My mom would usually write out fairly detailed instructions, or give them verbally. but as the years went on, I learned pretty well how to handle it on my own. By 17/18 I could cook pretty well without much help. I was already starting to collect my own recipes, and come up with stuff on my own as well.

Q. Where do you get your ideas from?

A. As stated above, many years of experience. I have a very interesting mixed family background, as well as a great love of food. Not only do we stick to family style recipes, we experiment with a little of everything. With my mother having spent years in Africa, sometimes she craves food from her childhood. And who doesn’t love Asian food?? Why order take out, when you can make it at home for a fraction of the price! And don’t get me started on the amount of pasta my son could eat, we have something Italian at least once or twice a week! So yes, loads of ideas have sprung up over the years, and when inspiration fails, and the ideas wear thin, there is the internet!

Q. Have you made all the recipes yourself?

A. Truthfully, not every single recipe… but most of them! If i haven’t, surely someone in my family might have! Otherwise, they are on my to do list. As I said, I seek inspiration from all over, and I take requests as well. If you have any ideas, or want to see anything on the site, feel free to shoot me a message, via social media, or email, and I’ll see what i can do. Also, if you have recipes you would like to see on the site, send them to me!! I will happily post them, with a link to your socials, or credit of some type, to you as the author.